Aqua cleanse 180 ml


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A non-oil cleansing gel that drops makeup with 18 amino acids and is about 2 months in size.
Since it is dropped with fine particle amino acid, it removes makeup dirt and horns from pores and removes makeup with non-oil, so it will finish on the skin without any dullness each time it is used without putting a burden on the skin.

1 【Pore care】
Just make it fit on the skin and wrap the make-up dirt and horns in the pores that could not be removed with oil, and finish it into a beautiful pore.

2 [dusk care]
Because it is non-oil, it is not sticky, and amino acids adjust skin tone, so you can feel the clean feeling and brightness of the skin after washing.

3 【Drying care】
As 65% of the ingredients are cosmetic ingredients, just apply a soft gel with good growth to the skin to give the skin a moisturizing solution.

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45 mm
52 mm
184 mm